OAR 125-080-0000
Vending Facilities in State Buildings or Grounds Under the Department of Administrative Services’ Control


No person, firm or state agency may place any vending facility in any Department of Administrative Services controlled state office buildings and grounds without specific authorization from the Department. Any inquiry concerning placement of such vending facility should be directed to: Manager, Operations & Maintenance Section, Facilities Division, Department of Administrative Services, 1225 Ferry Street S.E., Salem, OR 97310 — Phone 378-2865.


For the purpose of this rule, the term:


“Department of Administrative Services controlled state office buildings and grounds” means any state office buildings and grounds owned or managed by the Department of Administrative Services, including all such properties specified under ORS 276.004 (Utilization of buildings and grounds other than State Capitol, Supreme Court Building and State Capitol State Park)(1) and all Department leased office facilities operated by the Department;


“Vending facility” means any facility used for vending merchandise such as any shelter, counter, shelving, mobile cart food vendor, display case and wall case approved by the Department, including any such refrigerating apparatus and other appropriate auxiliary equipment as are necessary or customarily used for vending merchandise; any manual or coin-operated vending machine or similar device for vending merchandise; and any cafeteria or snack bar for dispensing of food and beverages;


“Commission for the Blind” means the state agency established under ORS 346.130 (Commission members) to 346.140 (Administrator and other employees).


Management policies and procedures of the Department for cafeterias and snack bars are specified in the Department’s OAR 125-080-0005 (Cafeterias in State Office Buildings Under the Department of Administrative Services’ Control).


All locations, types and number of vending facilities to be permitted are determined by the Department, and all commodities and articles to be sold at any vending facility placed in the Department controlled premises shall be subject to approval by the Department.


The Department may determine fees for each class of vending facilities which will, at the minimum, pay for the costs of space, utilities and administration. Such fee schedule may be changed by the Department as needed.


Authorizations issued by the Department for placement of vending facilities may be in the form of a permit or a contract which will specify terms and conditions governing the operation of vending facilities.


For all available vending facility locations, the Commission for the Blind shall be given the first right of refusal on the contract based on the terms and conditions set by the Department, pursuant to ORS 346.520 (Persons who are blind to have priorities and preferences to operate vending facilities in public buildings or on public property) and 346.530 (Notice to commission on vending facilities locations).


Any vending facility or such prospective locations not contracted with the Commission for the Blind may be permitted or leased to other applicants that may be selected by competitive bids when appropriate.


The Department of Administrative Services reserves the right to reject any and all bids or proposals, and contracts awards will be based on appropriate qualification standards, contract terms and considerations offered to the Department by vendors.


All permits issued by the Department for mobile cart food vendors shall be on condition that such vending facility complies with all the applicable laws of the state and ordinances of the local government jurisdictions pertaining to the vending of foods.

Source: Rule 125-080-0000 — Vending Facilities in State Buildings or Grounds Under the Department of Administrative Services’ Control, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=125-080-0000.

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