Rule Rule 125-080-0010
Sales or Solicitations in State Office Buildings Under the Department of Administrative Services’ Control

(1)(a) In any state office building premises under the jurisdiction of the Department of Administrative Services, any temporary walk-in sales activity or solicitations by any person who is not a state employee shall be restricted and require permits issued by the Department of Administrative Services;


Such temporary sales or solicitation activities restricted under this rule shall include, but not be limited to, hawking, peddling, vending or selling goods, wares, merchandise, foods, beverages or services; soliciting donations or signatures; or distributing handbills or posting posters on any wall space designated for such purposes by the agency leasing the space;


Any wall space designated for posting information on bulletin boards are for state business and related purposes only.


Permits for any restricted activity under section (1) of this rule may be issued by the Department provided a written request for a permit is received by the Department at least seven days in advance, and such proposed activity is determined by the Department as not likely to interfere with the normal operation of the building or working conditions of the building residents. No sales or solicitations shall be permitted at workstations of the building residents.


All permit applicants shall specify in the application or request for permission the time, place, type of activity being proposed and state the organizational affiliations, if any.


The Department may issue permits under this rule for the following activities specifying the time and place where the permitted activity may be conducted:


Sales of products or other activities which are in the judgment of the Department to be of some significant benefit or relevance to the residents of the state office building in conducting their official business, or in the general public interest; and; in addition;


When such sales of products or other activities referred to under subsection (a) of this section are conducted by members of and on behalf of any nonprofit organization whose primary mission is for services for youth, charitable organizations or services for the public.


State employees shall not engage in any sales or solicitation activities in any Department controlled premises, except when so authorized by their own employing agency.


Any inquiry or permit applications under this rule should be addressed to: Operations & Maintenance Section, Facilities Division, Department of Administrative Services, 1225 Ferry Street S.E., Salem, OR 97310 — Phone 378-2865.
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