Rule Rule 125-080-0005
Cafeterias in State Office Buildings Under the Department of Administrative Services’ Control


Pursuant to ORS 276.431(2), the Department of Administrative Services may lease any suitable space in state office buildings owned or leased by the Department to restaurateurs to establish and operate cafeterias or snack bars for a term not to exceed five years.


No person, firm or state agency may establish or operate any cafeteria or snack bar in any state office building owned or leased by the Department without a specific authorization from the Department or by a contract with the Department. Any inquiry therefore should be addressed to: Manager, Operations & Maintenance Section, Facilities Division, Department of Administrative Services, 1225 Ferry Street S.E., Salem, OR 97310 — Phone 378-2865.


Determinations as to whether to establish or to continue operating any cafeteria or snack bar in any Department controlled building shall be within the discretion of the Department, and terms and conditions for operating such facility shall be specified in a written contract made between the restaurateur and the Department. The Department may furnish such facility to the extent necessary or to the extent customarily provided for such facility, subject to negotiation with the restaurateur, and may set a rental rate for such facility at par with prevailing commercial rates for nearby comparable facilities used for similar purposes.
(4)(a) For any available opportunity to enter into a new contract with a restaurateur such as when opening a new cafeteria or snack bar or when a contract for an existing facility is due to expire or being terminated, the Department will inform in writing the Commission for the Blind about the available opportunity and offer to the Commission the right of first refusal to contract on the terms and conditions set forth by the Department;


The Commission for the Blind shall respond in writing within 30 days to accept or to decline the offer made by the Department under subsection (a) of this section, and the Commission may commence negotiating with the Department for a contract should the Commission decide to accept the offer, subject to conditions stipulated under section (5) of this rule;


In case the Commission for the Blind fails to respond within the 30 days specified under subsection (b) of this section, or declines to accept the Department’s offer, the Department may proceed to select other restaurateurs either by an open competitive bid or by negotiating with one or more restaurateurs without competitive bid under certain circumstances, subject to any applicable provision of law.


The Department reserves the right to reject any and all bids and proposals. The Department’s decision in awarding all contracts will be based upon any or all of the following conditions:


Restaurateur’s experience and competence in managing and operating food service facilities of the similar nature;


The proposed menu, food prices and service levels;


The quality of food and service at other establishments owned or managed by the restaurateur;


Terms of contract and considerations offered to the Department.


No alcoholic beverages shall be allowed in any cafeteria or snack bar in any state buildings under the Department’s control.


The Department reserves the right to make periodic inspections of any contracted facility to insure the lessee-restaurateur performance of the terms and conditions of the contract.
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