OAR 141-010-0020
Bidding Procedure


When a bid or bids are submitted in person to the Board, name and address of the bidder and the number of tract bid on shall be designated on the envelope sealing each bid.


When a bid or bids are submitted by mail, each bid shall be placed in a separate sealed envelope with the name and address of the bidder and the number of the tract identified on the outside of each separate bid envelope. The bid envelope or envelopes shall then be placed into a larger envelope, addressed and forwarded to the Board with the notation on the outer envelope that it contains a sealed bid or bids.


Unless the tract is withdrawn from bidding, or unless the Board refuses all bids upon a particular tract, the lease shall be awarded to the bidder offering the highest cash bonus bid. In the event the highest bids are tie bids, tie bidders may file with the Board within 15 days after notification an agreement to accept the lease jointly; otherwise, all bids will be rejected.


No variation shall be made in the prescribed form of the bid, and the insertion of any condition, qualification, or provisions of said form will invalidate the bid. The amount of cash bonus offered shall be stated in the designated place on the bid form and a certified or cashier’s check made payable to the State of Oregon in an amount sufficient to cover the first year’s rental in advance, plus 15 of the amount of cash bonus offered, plus $100 fee to cover the cost of advertisement shall be enclosed with the bid.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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