OAR 141-010-0270


If requested by the director, the permittee shall submit to the Department monthly status reports during periods of active survey operations. The reports shall be in a form approved or prescribed by the Department.


If requested by the director, the permittee shall submit to the Department a final report of the survey activities. The final report shall contain:


A description of the work performed;


Charts, maps, or plats depicting the areas in which survey activities were conducted, specifically identifying the tract lines where surveying occurred, and including a reference sufficient to identify the data produced during each activity;


The dates on which survey activities were performed;


A narrative summary of any adverse effects of the survey activities on environment, aquatic life, cultural resources, or other uses of the area in which the activities were conducted;


Interpretable geological and/or geophysical data, collected pursuant to these rules and processed in the normal course of permittee’s operations, and unused core samples or splits (the director may request such data, samples or splits at any time within five years after completion of the survey);


Such other descriptions of the activities as may be specified by the Department, after consulting with the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and other affected state agencies.


Reports and samples shall be forwarded by the Department to the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries for data analysis and maintenance of records to facilitate future survey decisions or for other purposes consistent with the statutory authority of the Department.


Report information relating to survey impacts on aquatic life or habitat shall be forwarded to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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