OAR 141-092-0021


The Division of State Lands will contract for consultant services when the specialized skills, knowledge, and resources are not available within the Division; when the work cannot be done in a reasonable time with the Division’s own work force; when an independent and impartial evaluation of a situation is required by a consultant with recognized professional expertise and stature in a field; or when it will be less expensive to contract for the work. Contracts will be let only after approval by the Director, Deputy Director, or Assistant Director for Finance and Administration.


Agreements for services of a consultant who is a member of the Public Employes’ Retirement System and who is employed in another department will normally be in the form of an interagency agreement. Exceptions may be granted by the Director, Deputy Director, or Assistant Director when it is shown that such an agreement is impractical and that the work will be done strictly on the consultant’s own time. Such exceptions will be processed as a regular personal services contract.


This procedure will be used in all cases except when the Director, Deputy Director, or Assistant Director determines that an emergency will be subject to later confirmation.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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