Oregon Department of Revenue

Rule Rule 150-314-0487
Partnership Penalty


A penalty is assessable against a partnership that transacts business in Oregon, but fails to timely file a partnership return (including extensions) or fails to show the required information as defined in ORS 314.724 (Information return). Under ORS 305.229 (When penalties not imposed), a penalty will not be imposed unless the partnership fails to file or to supply required filing information after requested in writing by the department to do so.


The penalty is $50 per month or part of a month that the partnership return is late or incomplete up to a maximum of five months. The penalty amount is multiplied by the total number of partners in the partnership during any part of the tax year for which the return is due. Although the penalty is assessed against the partnership each partner is individually liable for the penalty to the extent that the partner is liable for partnership debts generally.
Example 1: A partnership return for 2006 is due April 17, 2007. However, the return is not filed until July 3, 2007. No penalty will be assessed even though the partnership return is filed late.
Example 2: A partnership return for 2006 is due April 17, 2007. After written requests to file by the department, the partnership still does not file a return. The partnership has one general partner and three limited partners. Penalty will be assessed for failure to file a return. The penalty computation is shown below:
$50 - 5 months - 4 partners = $1,000 penalty


The penalty described above is in addition to any other penalty provided by law. Any partnership assessed with this penalty may appeal to the director as provided in ORS 305.275 (Persons who may appeal due to acts or omissions).


The department may waive all or any part of the penalty if the partnership can show that there was a circumstance beyond the partnership’s control that caused the failure to file a complete or timely return. See OAR 150-305-0068 (Discretionary Penalty Waivers).
[ED. NOTE: Computations referenced are available from the agency.]

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