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Rule Rule 170-080-0065


Confidentiality. The Board will treat Individual IRA account information as confidential, including without limitation, names, addresses, telephone numbers, personal identification information, contributions, and earnings.


Written release.


The Board may disclose an individual’s Program IRA account information to persons or entities other than those described in subsection (4) of this Rule if it receives a signed release from the Participating Employee or Participating Individual consenting to disclosure of some or all of the individual’s Program IRA account information to a specific person or entity. For purposes of this paragraph, “an individual’s Program IRA account information” includes information pertaining to:


the Participating Employee’s or Participating Individual’s IRA account;


Beneficiary designations;


Distributions; or


other information contained in any draft court order.


A written authorization to release information is valid indefinitely, unless a specific end date is provided in the written statement.
(3) Subpoena. A subpoena for information available from the Program must be made out to the State of Oregon, Oregon Retirement Savings Program. The Program reserves the right to object to any subpoena on the grounds that the subpoena fails to provide a reasonable time for preparation and travel, is otherwise unreasonable or oppressive, or that service was improper, in addition to any other basis legally available. To facilitate prompt processing, copies of subpoenas should be served at the Office of the State Treasurer. Faxed subpoenas are not acceptable.


Disclosure. The Board may disclose anonymized data which does not include information that is identifiable to an individual Participating Employee, Participating Individual, Beneficiary, or Employer for purposes of research associated with the Program. The Board may disclose information that it is required to disclose under the Oregon Public Records Law. The Board may disclose an individual’s Program IRA account information to the Program Administrator, the providers of investments for the Program, regulatory agencies to the extent disclosure is required by law, and to other persons or entities to the extent the Board determines disclosure is necessary to administer the Program.

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