OAR 177-038-0120
Requests for Changes to or Clarification of a Solicitation Document

(1) Requests: If provided in the Solicitation Document, the Lottery will accept and consider requests to change, or clarify a Solicitation Document. Each request for change or clarification must include a statement clearly describing the desired change or clarification requested.
(2) Submission of Requests to the Lottery: Persons must submit written requests for change or clarification to a Solicitation Document as specified in the Solicitation Document. The Lottery may, but is not required to, consider a request for change or clarification submitted after the applicable submission deadline.
(3) Lottery’s Response: The Lottery will issue a written response to each request for change or clarification. The Lottery’s written response does not bind Lottery unless the Lottery modifies the Solicitation Document by publishing an Addendum to reflect the response, and to make any associated changes to the Solicitation Document. After issuing a written response, the Lottery may, in its sole discretion, leave the Solicitation Document unchanged, issue an Addendum reflecting Lottery’s disposition of the request for change or clarification, or cancel the procurement.

Source: Rule 177-038-0120 — Requests for Changes to or Clarification of a Solicitation Document, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=177-038-0120.

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