OAR 177-050-0002

For the purposes of division 50, the following definitions apply except as otherwise specifically provided in OAR chapter 177 or unless the context requires otherwise:


“Pack” means a book of shrink-wrapped Scratch-itSM game tickets which may or may not be attached to each other by perforations.


“Pack-Ticket Number” means the uncovered number printed on a Scratch-itSM ticket which consists of a game number, a unique pack identification number, and a ticket number.


“Play Symbols” mean the figures printed under each of the rub-off spots on the playing surface of a Scratch-itSM ticket.


“Play Symbol Caption” means the material printed below each play symbol on a Scratch-itSM ticket which repeats or explains the play symbol. Only one play symbol caption is printed under each play symbol.


“Retailer Validation Code” means the small letters found under the removable rub-off latex that covers the play symbols on the playing surface of a Scratch-itSM ticket. The letters appear in varying locations beneath the removable rub-off latex and among the play symbols.


“Scratch-itSM” means a game in which winning tickets are produced at the time of manufacture with the aid of equipment, and the winning tickets are identified after purchase by scanning the bar code or manually entering the bar code number printed on each ticket with equipment provided by the Lottery. A Scratch-itSM game ticket offers a player the opportunity to remove a latex covering on the playing surface of a ticket and play the Scratch-itSM ticket for entertainment purposes. A non-winning Scratch-itSM game ticket may also offer a player the opportunity to enter a Lottery second chance drawing for a prize in accordance with the provisions of division 52 of OAR chapter 177.


“Ticket Validation Number” means the unique number covered by latex on the playing surface of a Scratch-itSM ticket.


“Void if Removed Number” (VIRN) means the series of digits on a Scratch-itSM ticket covered with latex which is used in the validation process.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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