OAR 177-050-0027
Ticket Validation Requirements


General: Besides meeting all of the other requirements in OAR Chapter 177 and as may be printed on each ticket, the following validation requirements apply to Scratch-it game tickets.


Requirements: Except as otherwise provided for validation of lost damaged or destroyed tickets, to be a valid Scratch-it game ticket it must meet, all of the following requirements:


Play Symbols: Where applicable, each of the play symbols must have a play symbol caption underneath, and each play symbol must agree with its play symbol caption.


Legibility: Where applicable, each of the play symbols and play symbol captions must be present in its entirety and be legible.


Specifications: Each of the play symbols and its play symbol caption must be printed according to game specifications.


Completeness of Information: The game number, pack number, ticket number, bar code, bar code number, and VIRN number must be present and all information must correspond with the Lottery’s computer records.


Printing Order: The play symbols, play symbol captions, game number, pack-ticket number, and VIRN number must be right-side-up and not reversed in any manner.


Pack-Ticket Number: The ticket must have exactly one pack-ticket number.


VIRN: The VIRN number of an apparent high-tier winning ticket must appear on the Lottery’s official record of winning ticket VIRN numbers, and a ticket with that VIRN number must not have been paid previously.


Artwork: Each of the following must correspond to the artwork on file at the Lottery: Play symbols on the ticket, play symbol captions, pack-ticket numbers, display printing, game numbers, retailer validation code, and ticket VIRN number.


Multi-Page Tickets: In the case of Scratch-it tickets consisting of multiple pages designed to remain intact, the individual pages must not be detached from each other. Such separated multi-page tickets will be considered damaged tickets.

Source: Rule 177-050-0027 — Ticket Validation Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=177-050-0027.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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