OAR 177-050-0024
Method of Determining Winners


General: Winning tickets in a Scratch-itSM game are determined at the time of manufacture when winning tickets are produced at random with the aid of equipment in accordance with the payout percentage and prize structure established for the game.


Determination of a Winning Ticket: To determine a winning ticket, the official bar code or bar code number printed on the ticket must be scanned or manually entered at the Lottery’s Headquarters in Salem, a Lottery Kiosk, other locations designated by the Director, or at a retail site by a Lottery retailer into equipment connected to the Lottery’s central computer system. If the ticket is a winner, Lottery’s computer system will identify it as such based upon the official bar code or bar code number. Removing the latex covering on the playing surface of the ticket does not identify a winning ticket. The latex covering feature is offered for entertainment purposes only. The ticket holder must notify the Lottery or a retailer of the apparent winning ticket and submit it for validation as specified in these rules in order to claim a prize. The ticket must be validated in accordance with Lottery’s administrative rules as may be amended from time to time before a prize may be paid.


Second Chance Drawings: To determine a winner of a second chance drawing, the Lottery will follow the requirements set forth in OAR 177-052-0050 (Selection of Winners).


Highest Prize: Only the highest prize amount will be paid on a winning Scratch-itSM ticket, except for games which are designed to offer multiple prizes. In all events, the determination of prize winners is subject to the general ticket validation requirements set forth in OAR 177-050-0027 (Ticket Validation Requirements) and any additional requirements set forth on each Scratch-itSM ticket. If the terms on a ticket conflict with the Lottery’s administrative rules, then the rules are the controlling authority.

Source: Rule 177-050-0024 — Method of Determining Winners, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=177-050-0024.

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