OAR 177-069-0000
Game Description


General: A Lottery raffle is a lottery game in which a specified number of Lottery raffle game tickets, as determined by the Lottery, are available for purchase. A unique sequential identifying number(s) is printed on each Lottery raffle ticket. Each unique number represents a chance for a prize in a particular Lottery raffle drawing. Players win prizes by matching the number(s) on the player’s Lottery raffle ticket to the numbers drawn by the Lottery during the Lottery raffle drawing.


Prizes: The prizes and the prize structure for each Lottery raffle are determined by the Lottery and will be posted on the Lottery’s Website at www.oregonlottery.org while the Lottery raffle tickets for a particular Lottery raffle are being sold. The odds of winning a prize will vary depending on the number of Lottery raffle tickets sold for the particular Lottery raffle. The Lottery may advertise the prize structure by any reasonable means. All prizes will be awarded regardless of the number of Lottery raffle tickets sold unless the Lottery raffle drawing is suspended by the Lottery Director in accordance with OAR 177-046-0140 (Suspension of Play).


Determination of Winners: A player wins a prize in a Lottery raffle game when during a raffle drawing the Lottery selects the unique sequential identifying number on the player’s Lottery raffle ticket as a winning number for a prize.


Sales Location: A Lottery raffle ticket may only be sold by and purchased from a Lottery retailer authorized to sell Lottery raffle tickets, or a Lottery sales location.


Ticket Price: The price of a Lottery raffle ticket will be set by the Lottery for each Lottery raffle drawing held by the Lottery. A player may purchase more than one Lottery raffle ticket. A Lottery raffle ticket may represent a single play or multiple plays at the Lottery’s discretion. If the Lottery raffle ticket represents multiple plays, each play will have a unique sequential identifying number printed on the Lottery raffle ticket.
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