OAR 177-069-0050


General: A prize for a winning Lottery raffle ticket is determined by the selection of that ticket’s unique sequential identifying number as a winning number for a prize in the Lottery raffle drawing for which the Lottery raffle ticket is purchased.


Payment: Except as provided herein, Lottery raffle prizes must be claimed and will be paid in accordance with OAR 177-046-0110 (Payment of Prizes). All Lottery raffle prizes consisting of money will be paid in a lump sum.


Time Limit: A prize for a winning raffle ticket must be claimed within one year after the winning raffle ticket numbers for the Lottery raffle drawing for which the ticket was purchased become official as provided in OAR 177-069-0030 (Lottery Raffle Drawing)(2).


Lottery’s Determination: The Director’s decision regarding the determination of whether a Lottery raffle ticket is a winning ticket, or the determination of the rightful owner or owners of a prize, or of any other dispute or matter arising from payment or awarding of prizes, is final and binding on all parties.
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(June 8, 2021)

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