OAR 177-069-0030
Lottery Raffle Drawing


General: A Lottery raffle drawing will be held at such date, time, place, and in such manner as is determined by the Lottery. A Lottery raffle drawing will be conducted only after sales for the particular Lottery raffle game are closed. During each drawing for each available prize, the Lottery will randomly select a Lottery raffle ticket number(s) as a winner from all the tickets sold for that drawing. Selection of a ticket’s number as a winning number removes that number from selection in the Lottery raffle drawing for any other remaining prize(s). An unsold Lottery raffle ticket number is not eligible for selection as a winning ticket number. To select a winning Lottery raffle ticket number(s), Lottery personnel, or their authorized agents, may conduct a manual or electronic drawing, or may use any other selection procedure as determined by the Lottery that ensures a random selection of a winning Lottery raffle ticket number(s) for the prize(s) in the particular Lottery raffle game.


Official Drawing Results: For each Lottery raffle drawing, the winning raffle ticket numbers drawn by the Lottery become official and final when both of the following events have occurred:


The winning raffle ticket numbers are entered into the Lottery’s central computer system for the purpose of validating winning raffle tickets for that Lottery raffle drawing, and;


The winning raffle ticket numbers for that Lottery raffle drawing have been announced to the public. The Lottery will determine in what manner and at what time the winning raffle ticket numbers are announced.


Retroactive Application: It is the Lottery’s intent that section (2) of this rule apply retroactively to Lottery raffle drawings beginning March 1, 2009.


Suspension of Play: If all available tickets for a Lottery raffle game are not sold before purchases are disabled prior to the scheduled drawing time, the Lottery may suspend the Lottery raffle drawing in accordance with OAR 177-046-0140 (Suspension of Play). The Lottery will advertise the suspension of a Lottery raffle drawing by any reasonable means. At the discretion of the Director, the Lottery may hold a replacement Lottery raffle drawing, or provide a refund for each Lottery raffle ticket purchased and which is presented to the Lottery or a Lottery retailer by a player. Submission of the Lottery raffle ticket is the sole method for claiming a refund under this section.

Source: Rule 177-069-0030 — Lottery Raffle Drawing, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=177-069-0030.

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