OAR 177-098-0020
Game Description

(1) General Information: Mega Millions® is a five out of seventy plus one out of twenty-five lottery game, drawn on the day(s), time(s) and location(s) as determined by the Mega Millions® Lotteries, and which pays the Jackpot Prize, at the election of the player made in accordance with these rules or by a default election made in accordance with these rules, either on a graduated annuitized annual pari-mutuel basis or as a cash value option using a rate determined by the Mega Millions® Finance Committee on a pari-mutuel basis. Except as provided in these rules, all other prizes are paid as a single lump sum payment. Mega Millions® winning numbers applicable to determine Mega Millions® prizes will be determined on the day(s), time(s), and location(s) as determined by the Mega Millions® lotteries. During a drawing event, five numbers shall be drawn from the first set of seventy numbers and one number shall be drawn from the second set of twenty-five numbers, which shall constitute the winning numbers.
(2) Selection of Numbers: To play the Mega Millions® game, a player shall select (or computer pick) five different numbers, from one through seventy and one additional number from one through twenty-five (the Mega ball). The additional number may be the same as one of the first five numbers selected by the player, as long as it is from one through twenty-five.
(3) Purchase of Tickets: Tickets can be purchased for two dollars (U.S. $2.00), either from a terminal operated by a retailer (i.e., a clerk-activated terminal) or from a terminal operated by the player (i.e., a player-activated terminal).
(a) Purchase from Retailer: If purchased from a retailer, the retailer will issue a ticket, via the terminal, containing the player’s selected set or sets of numbers or other indicia, each of which constitutes a game play. The player may select a set of five numbers from one to seventy and one additional number from one through twenty-five by:
(A) Marking six numbered squares in any one game board on a play slip and submitting the play slip to the retailer; or
(B) Requesting “Quick Pick” from the retailer.
(b) Player-activated Terminal: Tickets can be purchased from a player-activated terminal by use of a touch screen or by inserting a play slip into the machine.
(c) Future Drawings: A player may purchase tickets for future consecutive drawings up to the maximum permitted by the Lottery.
(4) Player Responsibility: It is the sole responsibility of the player to verify the accuracy of the game play or plays and other data printed on the ticket. A ticket may not be voided or canceled by returning the ticket to the retailer or to the Lottery, including tickets that are printed in error. No ticket may be returned to the Lottery for credit. The placing of plays is done at the player’s own risk through the Lottery retailer, who when entering the play or plays is acting on behalf of the player. When the purchase of a ticket fails to complete because the ticket does not print, the player is responsible for notifying the retailer prior to the drawing(s) on the ticket to obtain a refund or a replacement ticket.
(5) Entry of Plays: Plays may be entered manually using a Lottery terminal keypad or touch screen or by means of a play slip as approved by the Lottery or by such other means as approved by the Lottery. Retailers cannot permit the use of play slips that are not approved by the Lottery. Retailers must not permit any device to be physically or wirelessly connected to a Lottery terminal to enter plays, except as approved by the Lottery.
(6) Determination of Winning Numbers: The winning numbers for the Mega Millions® game shall be determined at a drawing conducted under the supervision of the Mega Millions® Lotteries and the MUSL Board. Winning numbers shall be selected at random with the aid of mechanical drawing equipment or a random number generator. The Lottery Director shall designate a Drawing Manager who shall review and randomly observe the Mega Millions® game drawings conducted.
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