OAR 177-098-0070
Ticket Validation

(1) Validation Requirements: To be a valid ticket and eligible to receive a prize, a Mega Millions® ticket shall satisfy all the requirements established by Lottery for validation of winning Mega Millions® tickets sold through Lottery’s computer gaming system and any other validation requirements adopted by the Product Group, the MUSL Board and any other requirements published as the Confidential MUSL Minimum Game Security Standards. The Lottery and MUSL are not responsible for tickets which are altered in any manner (or which fail to print except as provided in OAR 177-098-0020 (Game Description)(4)). When a winning Mega Millions® ticket is submitted to the Lottery for validation along with the Lottery’s completed claim form, and the Lottery has initiated the validation procedures, the Lottery retains possession of the winning ticket and claim form.
(2) Mega Millions® Ticket Required: Under no circumstances will a claim be paid for either the Jackpot Prize or a lower tier set prize without an official Mega Millions® ticket matching all game play, serial number and other validation data residing in Lottery’s computer gaming system and such ticket shall be the only valid proof of the wager placed and the only valid receipt for claiming or redeeming such prize.
(3) Additional Validation Requirements: In addition to the validation requirements set forth in sections (1) and (2) of this rule, in order to be deemed a valid, winning Mega Millions® ticket, all of the following conditions must be met:
(a) The validation data must be present in its entirety and must correspond, using the computer validation file, to the number selections printed on the ticket for the drawing date(s) printed on the ticket;
(b) The ticket must be intact;
(c) The ticket must not be mutilated, altered, reconstituted, or tampered with in any manner;
(d) The ticket must not be counterfeit or an exact duplicate of another winning ticket;
(e) The ticket must have been issued by a Lottery retailer authorized to sell Mega Millions® tickets on official paper stock of the Lottery;
(f) The ticket must not have been stolen, to the knowledge of the Lottery;
(g) The ticket must be submitted for payment in accordance with these rules.
(h) The ticket data must have been recorded on the Lottery’s computer gaming system prior to the drawing and the ticket data must match this computer record in every respect. In the event of a contradiction between information as printed on the ticket and as accepted by the Lottery’s computer gaming system, the wager accepted by the Lottery’s computer gaming system shall be the valid wager;
(i) The player or computer pick number selections, validation data and the drawing date(s) of an apparent winning ticket must appear on the official file of winning tickets, and a ticket with that exact data must not have been previously paid;
(j) The ticket must not be misregistered, defectively printed, or printed or produced in error to an extent that it cannot be validated by the Lottery;
(k) The ticket must pass validation tests using a minimum of three of the five validation methods as defined in the Mega Millions® Finance and Operations Procedures, Section 15. In addition, the ticket must pass all other confidential security checks of the Lottery;
(l) In submitting a Mega Millions® ticket for validation, the claimant agrees to abide by applicable laws, all rules and regulations, instructions, conditions and final decisions of the Lottery Director;
(m) There must not be any other breach of these Mega Millions® Rules in relation to the ticket, which, in the opinion of the Lottery Director, justifies invalidation; and
(n) The ticket must be submitted to the Lottery.
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