OAR 177-098-0100
Applicable Law


General: In purchasing a Mega Millions® game ticket issued by the Lottery, or attempting to claim a prize, purchasers and prize claimants agree to comply with and be bound by all applicable statutes, administrative rules and procedures of the Lottery and MUSL, including all applicable provisions in the Mega Millions® Finance and Operations Procedures, and by all directives and determinations of the Lottery Director. A purchaser or prize claimant agrees, as the purchaser or prize claimant’s sole and exclusive remedy, that claims arising out of a Mega Millions® ticket issued by the Lottery can be pursued only against the Lottery and not any other Party Lottery or against MUSL. Litigation, if any, shall be maintained only within the State of Oregon. No claim shall be made against any other participating Lottery or against MUSL.


Final Determinations: All decisions made by the Lottery Director, including the declaration of prizes and the payment thereof and the interpretation of the Mega Millions® game rules and procedures, are final and binding on all purchasers of tickets issued by the Lottery and on every person making a prize claim in respect thereof. Nothing in these rules shall be construed as a waiver of any defense or claim that the Lottery, any other participating lottery, or MUSL may have in any litigation, including in the event a purchaser or person making a claim pursues litigation against the Lottery Commission, the Lottery, any other participating Lottery, or MUSL, or their respective officers, directors, or employees.


Unclaimed Prize: No prize shall be paid upon a ticket purchased, claimed, or sold in violation of the statutes, or rules, procedures, and decisions of the Lottery or MUSL’s Mega Millions® Group Rules effective October 18, 2016. Any such prize claimed but unpaid shall constitute an unclaimed prize under the statutes, rules, procedures, and decisions of the Lottery and shall be allocated to the benefit of the public purpose.
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