OAR 213-050-0055

As used in OAR 213-050-0045 (Authority) to 213-050-0080 (Grievance Process), unless the context indicates otherwise:


“Committing Authority”: The juvenile court of the county where the juvenile was adjudicated.


“Extended Detention Period”: As promulgated in ORS 419C.453 (Detention), a period of detention exceeding eight days, but not more than 30 days.


“Facility” means a detention facility as defined in ORS 419A.004 (Definitions).


“Juvenile” means a person over whom the juvenile court has jurisdiction under ORS 419C.005 (Jurisdiction) and who is eligible to be detained pursuant to ORS 419C.453 (Detention).


“Juvenile court” means the court having jurisdiction over cases under ORS 419A, 419B and 419C.


“JCPAC” means the Juvenile Crime Prevention Advisory Committee established by ORS 417.845.


“Program” means a specified array of services and activities that support a therapeutic goal for juveniles in need of a secure setting.


“Program Plan” means the written rationale for an extended detention program along with the explanation of how the county will deliver the program in conformance with the minimum standards set forth in OAR 213-050-0060 (Minimum Standards for Extended Detention Programs).


“Qualified Professional” means a clinician certified in the service field by the state or federal government or approved through an insurance company.


“Supervising Authority”: The agency or department in the original county where the juvenile was adjudicated, or the department to which the case was transferred.


“Therapeutic” means rehabilitative and calculated to enhance well-being through treatment and training.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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