OAR 230-140-0510
Time Consideration for Fouls

(1) Low Blow Foul: A competitor who has been struck with a low blow is allowed up to five minutes to recover from the foul as long as in the opinion of medical personnel, the competitor may continue on in the bout. If the competitor is unable to continue before the five minutes of time has expired, the referee shall as soon as practical restart the bout. If the competitor goes over the five (5) minute time allotment the bout cannot be restarted and the bout must come to an end with the outcome determined by the round and time in which the fight was stopped.
(2) Non-low Blow Foul:
(a) If a bout is stopped because of an accidental foul, the referee shall determine whether the competitor has been fouled can continue or not. If the competitors’ chance of winning has not been seriously jeopardized as a result of the foul and if the found did not involve a concussive impact to the head of the competitor who has been fouled, the referee may order the bout continued after a recuperative interval of not more than five (5) minutes. Immediately after separating the competitors, the referee shall inform an authorized representative of the superintendent of his determination that the foul was accidental.
(b) If a competitor is fouled by a blow that the referee deems illegal, the referee should stop the action and call for time. The referee may take the injured competitor to medical personnel and have them examine and determine the competitor’s ability to return to the bout. Medical Personnel has up to five (5) minutes to make their determination. If the competitor is able to continue the bout, the referee shall as soon as practical restart the bout. However, unlike the low blow foul rule, the competitor does not have up to five (5) minutes to use at their discretion.
(c) For a foul other than a low blow, the fouled competitor is not guaranteed five (5) minutes for recovery time. If deemed not fit to continue by the referee or Medical Personnel but some of the five minute foul time is still remaining, the competitor cannot avail themselves of the remaining time;
(d) If the referee stops the bout and employs the use of medical personnel, the examination shall not exceed five (5) minutes. If five (5) minutes is exceeded, the bout cannot be re-started and the bout must end.

Source: Rule 230-140-0510 — Time Consideration for Fouls, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=230-140-0510.

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