OAR 291-131-0015


The functional unit manager or designee will ensure employees responsible for mail room operations are properly trained prior to assignment.


Inmates shall not send, receive, transfer, or possess mail that violates the provisions of these rules.


Inmates shall not send, receive, transfer, or possess mail to or from the victim(s) of their crime(s) of conviction (both past and present), except as authorized in writing by the functional unit manager or designee.


Inmates shall not conduct business transactions by mail without the prior written consent of the functional unit manager or designee.


Excluding weekends and holidays, incoming and outgoing correspondence should be processed within two days of receipt; publications and packages within four days of receipt, unless the mail is being reviewed for possible violations. There are no time frames for conducting reviews.


All incoming and outgoing mail is subject to inspection or examination. Legal and official mail is subject to inspection or examination as provided in OAR 291 131 0030.


Each month an inmate who in the previous month has not accumulated the cost of five postage-paid envelopes (for less than one ounce) in his/her trust account, will be issued five postage paid envelopes by the facility if he/she requests.


Inmate-to-Inmate Mail Restriction:


An inmate may be prohibited from corresponding with another inmate when directed by the Department of Corrections facility functional unit manager or designee, and approved by the Assistant Director of Operations/designee, based on specific circumstances or information which, in their judgment, indicates that the inmate has or may use correspondence with the other inmate in order to violate provisions of law, department administrative rules, or to otherwise engage in activity that threatens or impairs the security, good order, or discipline of the facility, inmate rehabilitation, or the health or safety of inmates, staff, or the public, or to engage in other activity that threatens or is detrimental to other legitimate penological objectives.


The affected inmate will be notified of the restriction through written directive. A decision to order an inmate-to-inmate mail restriction under these rules shall be final and not subject to administrative review.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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