OAR 309-014-0030
Management of All Service Elements

All contractors providing community mental health service elements under a contract with the Division are required to meet the following standards for management:


Fee Policy. For all community mental health service elements, except local administration and those provided by a public education district, the agency providing the service element shall:


Determine the cost of each type of service element provided;


Establish a schedule of fees for service elements based on the costs of the service elements, adjusted on the basis of the client’s ability to pay;


At the time the service elements is initiated, inform the client of the agency fee policy, the agency fee schedules, and the fee rate to be collected from the client in the event that third party payments do not cover the cost of the client’s service elements;


Billings for Title XIX funds shall in no case exceed the customary charges to private clients for any like item or service charged by the service element; and


Charge fees for service elements as follows:


Except where expressly prohibited by federal law or regulation, when third party payments do not cover the full fee for the service elements provided, charge the client or those legally responsible for the cost of the client’s care, in an amount which is the lesser of:
The balance of the fee charged to but not paid by the third party payor(s); or
A fee adjusted on the basis of the client’s ability to pay.


Charge any third party payor in the amount of the full fees for the service elements provided. Should the sum of any third party payments and client payments exceed the fee, a refund of the excess payment shall be given to the client.


Quality Assurance. Each provider of community mental health and developmental disability service elements shall implement and maintain a quality assurance program.


Internal Management. Each provider of CMHP service elements funded by the Division shall meet the following internal management standards:


There shall be an up-to-date organization chart showing lines of authority and responsibility for the services within the agency;


There shall be up-to-date, written position descriptions for all staff providing community mental health and developmental disability services;


If four or more staff provide CMHP services, there shall be written personnel policies and procedures concerning:


Recruitment and termination of employees;


Compensation plan;


Performance appraisals, promotions and merit increases, and staff development;


Employee benefits; and


Grievance procedures.


Each employee providing CMHP services shall have the opportunity for in-service training with pay;


There shall be up-to-date accounting records for each mental health service element accurately reflecting all revenue by source, all expenses by object of expense, and all assets, liabilities, and equities, consistent with generally accepted accounting principles and conforming to the requirements of OAR 309-013-0120 (Purpose and Statutory Authority) to 309-013-0220 (Independent Audit Reports);


There shall be written statements of policy and procedure as are necessary and useful to assure compliance with any administrative rule pertaining to fraud and embezzlement and abuse of patients, residents, and clients; and


There shall be such other written statements of policy and procedure as are necessary and useful to enable the agency to accomplish its mental health service objectives and to meet the requirements of these rules and other applicable standards and rules.

Source: Rule 309-014-0030 — Management of All Service Elements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=309-014-0030.

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