OAR 309-014-0022


In keeping with the principles of family support expressed in ORS 417.342 (Family support services), and notwithstanding 430.670 (Contracts to provide services)(2) or 291.047 (Public contract approval by Attorney General)(3), an entity operating a CMHP may purchase services for an individual from a service provider without first providing an opportunity for competition among other service providers if the service provider is selected by the individual, the individual’s family or the individual’s guardian, as long as the service provider has been approved by the Division to provide such service.


Limit on contract requirements. When a CMHP contracts with a public agency or private corporation for delivery of developmental disability services, the CMHP shall include in the contract only terms that are substantially similar to model contract terms established by the Division. The CMHP may not add contractual requirements, including qualifications for contractor selection, which are nonessential to the service element(s) being provided under the contract. The CMHP shall specify in contracts with service providers that disputes, which arise from these limitations, shall be resolved according to procedures contained in these rules. For purposes of this section, the following definitions apply:


“Model contract terms established by the Division” means all applicable material terms and conditions of the omnibus contract, as modified to appropriately reflect a contractual relationship between the service provider and the CMHP, and any other requirements approved by the Division as local options under procedures established in these rules.


“Substantially similar to model contract terms” means that the terms developed by the CMHP and the model contract terms require the service provider to engage in approximately the same type activity and expend approximately the same resources to achieve compliance.


“Nonessential to the service element(s) being provided” means requirements that are not substantially similar to model contract terms developed by the Division.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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