OAR 309-022-0110
Provider Policies

(1) All providers shall develop and implement written personnel policies and procedures compliant with these rules, including:
(a) Personnel qualifications and credentialing;
(b) Mandatory abuse reporting, compliant with ORS 430.735 (Definitions for ORS 430.735 to 430.765)-430.768 (Claims of self-defense addressed in certain reports of abuse) and OAR 943-045-0250 (Purpose) through 943-045-0370 (County Multidisciplinary Teams);
(c) Criminal records checks, compliant with ORSs 181.533 through 181.575 and OAR 943-007-0001 (Background Checks) through 0501; and
(d) Fraud, waste, and abuse in federal Medicaid and Medicare programs compliant with OAR 410-120-1380 (Compliance with Federal and State Statutes) and 410-120-1510 (Fraud and Abuse).
(e) Drug Free Workplace.
(2) All providers shall develop and implement written service delivery policies and procedures compliant with these rules:
(a) Policies shall be available to individuals and family members upon request; and
(b) Service delivery policies and procedures shall include at a minimum:
(A) Fee agreements;
(B) Confidentiality and compliance with HIPAA, Federal Confidentiality Regulations (42 CFR, Part 2), and state confidentiality regulations as specified in ORSs 179.505 (Disclosure of written accounts by health care services provider) and 192.518 through 192.530;
(C) Compliance with Title 2 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA);
(D) Grievances and appeals;
(E) Individual rights;
(F) Quality assessment and performance improvement;
(G) Crisis and suicide prevention and response;
(H) Incident reporting;
(I) Family involvement;
(J) Trauma-informed service delivery consistent with the Division Trauma Informed Services Policy;
(K) Provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate services; and
(L) Peer delivered services.
(3) In addition to the personnel and service delivery policies required of all providers, residential program providers shall develop and implement written policies and procedures for the following:
(a) Medical protocols and medical emergencies;
(b) Medication administration, storage, and disposal;
(c) General safety and emergency procedures to include an evacuation plan and emergency plan in case of fire, explosion, accident, death, or other emergencies. The evacuation and emergency procedures and plans shall be current and posted in a common area;
(d) Suicide risk assessment;
(e) Emergency safety interventions in ITS programs; and
(f) Proactive and positive behavior support consistent with OAR 309-022-0165 (Behavior Support Services).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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