OAR 309-022-0155
General Staffing Requirements

(1) ITS providers shall have the clinical leadership and sufficient QMHP, QMHA, and other program staff to meet the 24-hour, seven days per week treatment needs of children and shall establish policies, procedures, and contracts to assure:
(a) Availability of psychiatric services to meet the following requirements:
(A) Provision of medical oversight of the clinical aspects of care in nationally accredited sub-acute and psychiatric residential treatment facilities and provide 24-hour, seven days per week psychiatric on-call coverage, or consult on clinical care and treatment in psychiatric day treatment; and
(B) Assessment of each child’s medication and treatment needs, prescribe medicine or otherwise assure that case management and consultation services are provided to obtain prescriptions, and prescribe therapeutic modalities to achieve the child’s service plan goals.
(b) There shall be at least one program staff who has completed First Aid and CPR training on duty at all times.
(2) Residential ITS providers shall ensure overnight program staff visually monitor clients at specified intervals as per agency policy during sleeping hours for signs of life. This includes monitoring for breathing and movement.
(3) ITS providers shall ensure that the following services and supports are available and accessible through direct service, contract, or by referral:
(a) Active psychiatric treatment and education services shall be functionally integrated in a therapeutic environment designed to reflect and promote achievement of the intended outcomes of each child’s service plan;
(b) Continuity of the child’s education when treatment services interrupt the child’s day to day educational environment;
(c) Family therapy provided by a QMHP. The family therapist to child ratio shall be at least one family therapist for each 12 children;
(d) Psychiatric services;
(e) Individual, group, and family therapies provided by a QMHP. There shall be no less than one family therapist available for each 12 children;
(f) Medication evaluation, management, and monitoring;
(g) Pre-vocational or vocational rehabilitation;
(h) Therapies supporting speech, language, and hearing rehabilitation;
(i) Individual and group psychosocial skills development;
(j) Activity and recreational therapies;
(k) Nutrition;
(L) Physical health care services or coordination;
(m) Recreational and social activities consistent with individual strengths and interests;
(n) Educational services coordination and advocacy; and
(o) Behavior support services.

Source: Rule 309-022-0155 — General Staffing Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=309-022-0155.

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