OAR 309-040-0315
License Application and Fees

(1) A completed, written application shall be submitted by the applicant on forms supplied by the Division. The application is not complete until all information is received by the Division. Incomplete applications are void 60 days after initial receipt by the Division.
(2) An applicant shall submit a separate application for each location operated as an AFH.
(3) The application shall include the following:
(a) The maximum capacity requested and a written statement describing family members needing care, individuals who receive respite care, individuals who receive day care, or individuals who receive room and board;
(b) A written statement from an LMP regarding the mental and physical ability of the applicant to provide care to individuals and to operate the AFH. If the applicant employs a resident manager, the applicant shall provide a written statement from a physician or a LMP regarding the mental and physical ability of the resident manager to operate the AFH and to provide care to individuals;
(c) A completed financial information form provided by the Division. The applicant shall demonstrate to the Division the applicant’s financial ability and the resources necessary to operate the AFH. Financial ability shall include but is not limited to providing the Division with a list of unsatisfied judgments, pending litigation, and unpaid taxes and notifying the Division regarding whether the applicant is in bankruptcy. If the applicant is unable to demonstrate the financial ability and resources required, the Division may require the applicant to furnish a financial guarantee as a condition of initial licensure in accordance with ORS 443.735 (Issuance of license)(3)(e);
(d) A completed Facility Provider Enrollment Application;
(e) A signed letter of support from the Local Mental Health Authority or designee for the applicant to be licensed to operate the AFH;
(f) Documentation of a Criminal History Check approval in accordance with OAR 943-007-0001 (Background Checks) through 0501 for the provider, the resident manager, caregivers, volunteers, and other occupants over the age of 16, excluding individuals and other persons as defined in ORS 443.735 (Issuance of license);
(g) Written background information pertaining to any current or previous licensure or certification by a state agency, including those licenses or certificates granted to a business or person affiliated with the business, including:
(A) Copies of all current licenses or certificates;
(B) Documentation showing the final disposition of any suspension, denial, revocation, or other disciplinary actions initiated on any current or previous license or certificate, including settlement agreements, where applicable; and
(C) Documentation of any substantiated allegations of abuse or neglect pertaining to the applicant or anyone employed by or contracted with the applicant.
(h) A floor plan of the AFH showing the location and size of rooms, exits, secondary emergency egress, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and evidence of compliance with facility safety requirements as outlined in OAR 309-040-0370 (Safety);
(i) A completed AFH Self-Inspection Guide; and
(j) Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $20 per bed requested for license.
(4) The Division shall determine compliance with these rules based on receipt of the completed application material and fees, a review of information submitted, an investigation of information submitted, an inspection of the AFH, and interviews with the provider determined by the Division and other individuals as identified by the Division.
(5) The applicant may withdraw the application at any time during the application process by notifying the Division in writing.
(6) The Division may elect to deny an application prior to review when:
(a) The applicant has previously had any action taken on a certificate or license; or
(b) Action taken on a certificate or license includes denial, suspension, conditions, intent to revoke, or revocation by the Division, the Authority, the Oregon Department of Human Services, or any other state agency;
(c) The applicant may appeal the denial of the application by submitting a request for reconsideration in writing to the Division within 14 calendar days from receipt of the denial notice. The Division shall make a decision on the appeal within 30 days of receipt of the appeal. The decision of the Division shall be final.
(7) An applicant whose license has been revoked or voluntarily surrendered, following a receipt of Notice of Intent to Revoke or Notice of Intent to Not Renew from the Division, or whose application has been denied by the Division for reasons relating to but not limited to criminal convictions, civil proceedings against the applicant, or substantiated allegations of abuse by the applicant may not be permitted to submit an application for one year from the date that the revocation, surrender, or denial is made final. A longer period may be specified in the order revoking or denying the license.
(8) Enforcement of Home and Community-Based Required Qualities:
(a) An AFH licensed on or after July 1, 2016, shall be in full compliance with all requirements under these rules at the time of initial licensure;
(b) An AFH licensed prior to July 1, 2016, shall come into compliance with applicable rules as follows:
(A) All AFH’s shall be in full compliance with all applicable rules no later than January 1, 2017;
(B) For those rules designated by the Division to become effective July 1, 2016, the provider must make measurable progress towards compliance with those rules. The Division may not issue sanctions or penalties for failure to meet those rules effective July 1, 2016, or those obligations imposed by OAR chapter 411, division 4, until January 1, 2017, if the provider demonstrates measurable progress towards compliance.

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