OAR 330-112-0050
Loan Evaluation, Processing and Collection


Projects and EEAST loans may be processed through a sustainable energy project manager. The PPFA and consumer-owned utilities that participate in the EEAST program will be the initial sustainable energy project managers within their territories.


The Department may make loans to entities that will use the funds to provide EEAST loans.


The Department or sustainable energy project manager will review all applications of eligible entities. An applicant shall submit such documentation as the Department or sustainable energy project manager may require to determine whether a loan should be approved. If any items requested by the Department or sustainable energy project manager are not received within fourteen days from the date of the request, the loan application may be denied. If a loan application is denied and an applicant chooses to re-apply, the applicant must submit a new application and again pay any applicable fees and charges.


The Director or sustainable energy project manager may deny a loan to any applicant that restricts membership, sales, or services on the basis of any of the protected classes listed in ORS 659A.003 (Purpose of ORS chapter 659A).


The final maturity of a loan shall not exceed the lesser of (a) 20 years from the date of its making, and (b) the dollar-weighted average of the useful life of the project components.


The director may limit the term and amount of any loan. The director may deny any loan request or set such terms and conditions as needed to assure a sound loan or to protect the program funds and the Department.


All EEAST loans made by the Department or sustainable energy project managers shall comply with the requirements of ORS 470.060 (Application for financing); 470.065 (Confidentiality of information provided by or on behalf of applicant); 470.070 (Small Scale Local Energy Project Advisory Committee); 470.080 (Standards for small scale local energy projects); 470.090 (Approval or rejection of project financing by director); 470.100 (Committee review of rejection or approval in different amount); 470.120 (Limit on loan to amount not funded by other sources); 470.150 (Loan contract); 470.155 (Loan contract in form of intergovernmental agreement); 470.170 (Security for loan); 470.190 (Remedies); 470.200 (Refinancing of project); and 470.210 (Municipal corporation may enter into loan contract), to the extent not contrary to the requirements of the Act.

Source: Rule 330-112-0050 — Loan Evaluation, Processing and Collection, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=330-112-0050.

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