OAR 330-112-0060
Certification Standards for Contractors

These standards apply to contractors participating in the construction of projects financed through the program, but not including home energy savings projections. Contractors must obtain certification under ORS 701.119 (Certification to participate in small scale local energy project program) from the Construction Contractors Board to participate. To obtain certification the contractor must:


Prove that the contractor has sufficient skill to ensure that the contractor can successfully install energy efficiency, renewable energy or weatherization projects with a high degree of quality and customer satisfaction, such skills to be demonstrated by one of the following:


Oregon Home Performance certified through the ENERGY STAR Building Performance Institute (BPI);


Residential Energy Analyst Program (REAP) certified through the Oregon Energy Coordinators Association; or


Completion by its employees of training based on the curriculum developed by an accredited organization to meet the United States Department of Energy standards and any additional specifications and standards designated by the Department and PPFA.


Not be a contractor listed by the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries under ORS 279C.860 (Ineligibility for public works contracts for failure to pay or post notice of prevailing rates of wage) as ineligible to receive a contract or subcontract for public works.


Be an equal opportunity employer or small business or be a minority or women business enterprise or disadvantaged business enterprise as those terms are defined in ORS 200.005 (Definitions).


Demonstrate a history of compliance with the rules and other requirements of the Construction Contractors Board and of the Workers’ Compensation Division and the Occupational Safety and Health Division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services.


Employ at least 80 percent of employees used for energy efficiency and sustainable technology loan program projects from the local work force, if a sufficient supply of skilled workers is available locally.


Demonstrate a history of compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws.


Pay wages to employees used for projects at a rate equal to at least 180 percent of the state minimum wage.


Pay wages to employees used for commercial structures at the prevailing wage rate for each trade or occupation employed. Certified contractors that provide the Department proof that they provide employees with health insurance benefits shall be identified as preferred service providers by the Department. This information must be provided annually on the anniversary of certification by the Construction Contractors Board.

Source: Rule 330-112-0060 — Certification Standards for Contractors, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=330-112-0060.

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