Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-027-0010
Application for Licensure


An agency that establishes, purports to manage or operate as a home health agency must be licensed by the Division and comply with ORS 443.005–443.095 (Applicability of laws to domestic service) and OAR chapter 333, division 027.


An applicant wishing to apply for a license to operate a home health agency shall submit an application on a form prescribed by the Division and pay the applicable fee as specified in OAR 333-027-0025 (Fees).


If an owner or administrator will have direct contact with a patient, the owner or administrator must submit background information to the Division, in accordance with OAR 333-027-0064 (Criminal Records Check) for the purposes of conducting a criminal records check.


If any of the information delineated in the agency’s most recent application changes at a time other than the annual renewal date, the agency shall notify the Division in writing within 30 days.


A subunit must independently comply with all licensure requirements.


A branch office is part of the parent agency and therefore need not independently comply with these licensure requirements. The Division shall determine on a case-by-case basis exceptions to the 60 mile travel distance from the parent agency requirement for a branch office and subunits as defined in OAR 333-027-0005 (Definitions).

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