OAR 333-029-0060
Solid Waste


A minimum of one water-tight, non-absorbent and easily washable waste receptacle must be provided in each lodging unit. Such receptacle shall be kept clean and in good repair.


Solid waste must be collected daily from rooms and areas used by guests.


Solid waste must be disposed of in a manner which complies with the rules of the Department of Environmental Quality.


Solid waste must be stored in individual garbage containers, bins, or storage vehicles.


All such containers, bins, or vehicles must:


Have tight fitting lids or covers; and


Be durable, rust resistant, water-tight, rodent proof, readily washable, and kept in good repair.


Solid waste must be collected at regular intervals. Such intervals may not exceed seven days. Collection frequency must be such so as not to create:


Vector production and sustenance;


Objectionable odors; or


Any overflowing of solid waste or other unsanitary condition.


Solid waste must be transported in a manner that complies with Department of Environmental Quality requirements.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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