OAR 333-111-0015
Notifications and Reports to Individuals


Radiation exposure data for an individual and the results of any measurements, analyses and calculations of radioactive material deposited or retained in the body of an individual shall be reported to the individual as specified in this rule. The information reported shall include data and results obtained pursuant to these rules, orders or license conditions, as shown in records maintained by the licensee or registrant pursuant to OAR 333-120-0650 (Records of Individual Monitoring Results). Each notification and report shall:


Be in writing;


Include the appropriate identifying data such as the name of the licensee or registrant, the name of the individual and the individual’s social security number;


Include the individual’s exposure information; and


Contain the following statement: “This report is furnished to you under the provisions of rules entitled Oregon Rules for the Control of Radiation, division 111. You should preserve this report for further reference.”


Each licensee or registrant shall make dose information available to workers as shown in records maintained by the licensee or registrant under the provisions of OAR 333-120-0650 (Records of Individual Monitoring Results). The licensee shall provide an annual report to each individual monitored under 333-120-0210 (Surveys and Monitoring: Conditions Requiring Individual Monitoring of External and Internal Occupational Dose) of the dose received in that monitoring year if:


The individual’s occupational dose exceeds 1 mSv (100 mrem) TEDE or 1 mSv (100 mrem) to any individual organ or tissue; or


The individual requests his or her annual dose report.


At the request of a worker formerly engaged in work controlled by the licensee or registrant, each licensee or registrant shall furnish to the worker a report of the worker’s exposure to radiation or radioactive material. Such report shall be furnished within 30 days from the time the request is made or within 30 days after the exposure of the individual has been determined by the licensee or registrant, whichever is later; shall cover, within the period of time specified in the request, each calendar quarter in which the worker’s activities involved exposure to radiation from radioactive material licensed by, or radiation machines registered with the Authority; and shall include the dates and locations of work under the license or registration in which the worker participated during this period.


When a licensee or registrant is required by OAR 333-120-0710 (Reports: Notification of Incidents), 333-120-0720 (Reports of Exposures, Radiation Levels, Leak Tests, and Concentrations of Radioactive Material Exceeding the Limits) or 333-120-0730 (Reports of Planned Special Exposures and Individual Monitoring) to report to the Authority any exposure of an individual to radiation or radioactive material, the licensee or the registrant shall also provide the individual a report on the exposure data included in the report to the Authority. Such reports shall be transmitted at a time not later than the transmittal to the Authority.


At the request of a worker who is terminating employment in a given calendar quarter with the licensee or registrant in work involving radiation dose, or of a worker who, while employed by another person, is terminating assignment to work involving radiation dose in the licensee’s or registrant’s facility in that calendar quarter, each licensee or registrant shall provide to each such worker, or to the worker’s designee, at termination, a written report regarding the radiation dose received by that worker from operations of the licensee or registrant during that specifically identified calendar quarter or fraction thereof, or provide a written estimate of that dose if the finally determined personnel monitoring results are not available at that time. Estimated doses shall be clearly indicated as such.

Source: Rule 333-111-0015 — Notifications and Reports to Individuals, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-111-0015.

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