Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-120-0730
Reports of Planned Special Exposures and Individual Monitoring


The licensee must submit a written report to the Authority within 30 days following any planned special exposure conducted in accordance with OAR 333-120-0150 (Radiation Dose Limits: Planned Special Exposures) informing the Authority that a planned special exposure was conducted and indicating the date the planned special exposure occurred and the information required by OAR 333-120-0640 (Records of Planned Special Exposures).


The following licensees must have available for inspection by the Authority a written report documenting results of individual monitoring carried out by the licensee for each individual for whom monitoring was required pursuant to OAR 333-120-0210 (Surveys and Monitoring: Conditions Requiring Individual Monitoring of External and Internal Occupational Dose) during that year.


Licensees authorized to possess or use radioactive material for purposes of radiography pursuant to division 102 and 105 of these rules; or


Licensees who receive radioactive waste from other persons for disposal pursuant to 10 CFR Part 61; or


Licensees who possess or use at any time, for processing or manufacturing for distribution pursuant to division 102 or 116 of these rules, radioactive material in quantities exceeding any one of the following quantities:
Quantity of Radionuclide in Curies:


Cesium-137 — 1;


Cobalt-60 — 1;


Gold-198 — 100;


Iodine-131 — 1;


Iridium-192 — 10;


Krypton-85 — 1,000;


Promethium-147 — 10;


Technetium-99m — 1,000.
The Authority may require as a license condition, or by rule, regulation, or order pursuant to OAR 333-100-0030 (Additional Requirements), reports from licensees who are licensed to use radionuclides not on this list, in quantities sufficient to cause comparable radiation levels.
NOTE: The licensee may include additional data for individuals for whom monitoring was provided but not required. The licensee shall use NRC’s Form 5 or electronic media containing all the information required by NRC’s Form 5.
[ED. NOTE: Forms referenced are available from the agency.]

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