OAR 333-250-0370


In addition to any investigation conducted under OAR 333-250-0360 (Investigations), the Authority may conduct a survey for the purpose of evaluating the eligibility of an ambulance service or an ambulance to receive or retain a license and to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the persons who utilize ambulances.


An ambulance service that acquires and maintains current status with a nationally recognized EMS service accreditation program that meets or exceeds Oregon requirements may be exempted from the survey process. A copy of the survey report from the nationally recognized EMS service accreditation program must be filed with the Authority for approval.


Routine surveys of an ambulance service or an ambulance shall be scheduled with the management of the ambulance service at least 72 hours in advance of the survey unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by the Authority and the ambulance service representative.


In conducting a survey or interview, the Authority representative must:


Identify him or herself by presenting the Authority identification to the owner, manager, or ranking employee or volunteer present at the site of a survey or interview;


Inform the ambulance service representative of the purpose for the survey or interview; and


Inform the ambulance service representative when the survey or interview has been completed and the preliminary results of the survey only.


An ambulance service shall permit Authority staff access to the facility and ambulance vehicles during a survey.


A survey may include but is not limited to:


Interviews of patients, patient family members, ambulance management and staff;


On-site observations of staff performance and the physical environment of the ambulance facility or ambulance; and


Review of documents and records.


An ambulance service shall make all requested documents and records available to the surveyor for review and copying.


The Authority may accept local city or county governing body inspections that meet or exceed requirements outlined in ORS chapter 682, OAR chapter 333, division 255 and these rules in lieu of a survey by the Authority.


Following the survey, Authority staff shall prepare and provide the ambulance service administrator or designee specific and timely written notice of the findings.


If the findings result in a referral to another regulatory agency, Authority staff shall submit applicable information to that referral agency for its review and determination of appropriate action.


If no deficiencies are found during a survey, the Authority shall issue written findings to the ambulance service administrator indicating that fact.


If deficiencies are found, the Authority shall take informal or formal enforcement action in accordance with OAR 333-250-0390 (Informal Enforcement) or 333-250-0400 (Formal Enforcement).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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