OAR 334-010-0008


State Indorsement: The Board may grant a license by state indorsement, upon successful completion of the jurisprudence exam, without any additional examination to any applicant who holds a valid license or permit to practice massage from another jurisdiction if the requirements of that licensing authority meet or exceed the requirements established in Oregon.


Health Indorsement: The Board may grant a license by health indorsement, after successful completion of practical and jurisprudence examination, to any applicant currently holding an active Oregon license in good standing in a Board approved health related field who can document curriculum that includes a minimum of 300 hours comprised of Massage Theory & Practical Application, Clinical Practice, Business Development, Communication, Ethics, and Sanitation. Kinesiology and Hydrotherapy may be included as part of the 300 hours.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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