OAR 334-010-0033

(1) The fees are:
(a) $200 for initial license;
(b) $100 for initial license under 12 months;
(c) $200 for a temporary license per ORS 676.308 (Authorization for military spouse or domestic partner to practice health profession);
(d) $100 for a temporary license under 12 months;
(e) $200 per biennial renewal for active license;
(f) $100 per biennial renewal for inactive license;
(g) $100 mid-cycle inactive to active renewal
(h) $25 per week, up to a maximum of $100, for any late renewal;
(i) $100 for application processing;
(j) $150 for each practical examination;
(k) $100 for mailing list;
(l) $10 for license reprint;
(m) $10 for license verification;
(n) $250 Credentialing Review;
(o) Current Oregon State Police Criminal Background Check Fee;
(p) $200 initial facility permit;
(q) $250 facility permit ownership transfer;
(r) $250 permitted facility name change;
(s) $10 facility permit reprint
(t) $10 permitted facility address change and
(u) other administrative fees as allowed by law.
(2) Application and licensure fees are not refundable
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Jun. 8, 2021

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