Oregon Board of Massage Therapists

Rule Rule 334-010-0028
Breast Massage


Prior to performing breast massage to treat certain medical conditions, a LMT must:


Be able to present evidence of the completion of specialized contact hours as training beyond the minimum competencies, which includes but is not limited to, indications, contraindications, therapeutic treatment techniques, expected outcomes, client safety, client consent, client communication, draping techniques, sanitation, and ethical responsibilities related to breast massage;


Be able to articulate a therapeutic rationale which is acknowledged by the client; rationale may include a medical prescription and/or permission to consult with the clients health care provider(s).


Acquire prior written and verbal consent before proceeding; the written consent must include clients’ option to accept or decline to provide a witness, in addition to the client and LMT.


While performing these procedures a LMT must use appropriate draping techniques at all times. Any temporary exposure of the breast area for the purposes of treatment is acceptable only in respect to appropriate procedures for that treatment. Immediately following treatment of the area, the breast area must be covered again.


Additional prior written consent and the actual presence of a parent or legal guardian is required when treating individuals under 18 years of age.

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Jun. 8, 2021