OAR 335-095-0030
Certification of Speech-Language Pathology Assistants

Applicants must submit all of the following to be eligible for certification.
(1)(a) If applying on or before August 31, 2021, Official transcripts showing 45 quarter hours or 30 semester hours of speech-language pathology technical course work; and Official transcripts showing 45 quarter hours or 30 semester hours of general education credit, or,
(b) If applying after September 1, 2021, official transcripts showing successful conferral of a degree from an Approved Training Program as defined in 335-095-0010 (Definitions)(1).
(2) Written evidence of completion of clinical fieldwork that builds skills and competencies needed to practice as a speech-language pathology assistant.
(a) During clinical fieldwork in Oregon, the fieldwork participant must be enrolled in a speech-language pathology practicum course at an accredited college or university, or hold an Oregon provisional speech-language pathology assistant certificate.
(b) Clinical fieldwork must consist of a minimum of 100 clock hours of clinical interaction and 8 hours of consultation and assessment over a recommended 8-12 week period. Clinical interaction must be face to face interaction with clients and directly supervised 100% of the time. Clinical interaction must consist of actively participating in or leading individual, small group, co-treatment, or classroom therapy sessions, and may include speech or hearing screenings. The fieldwork participant must also meet with the supervising speech-language pathologist for at least two hours for every 25 hours of clinical interaction to assess the participant’s developing clinical skills and competencies, for a total of 8 hours of consultation and assessment. Tasks such as clerical tasks, passive observations, and materials preparation may not be included in clinical fieldwork hours. Meetings with the supervisor may not be included in the 100 hours of clinical interaction.
(c) Clinical interaction documentation must show the date, clinical activity, amount of time and the supervisor’s initials for each activity, and be signed by both the supervisor and fieldwork participant. The clinical fieldwork supervisor must be licensed by the Board, or hold the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence during the fieldwork. Clinical interaction must be completed within seven years prior to the date the application for licensure is received by the Board.
(d) The supervising speech-language pathologist and the fieldwork participant must complete the Board’s SLPA Competency Checklist during and at the completion of 100 hours of clinical interaction to document the fieldwork participant’s developing skills and competencies. The fieldwork participant must be rated as meeting or exceeding all skills upon completion of the fieldwork to qualify for certification as a speech-language pathology assistant. If there is more than one fieldwork supervisor, each supervisor who supervises 15 or more hours of fieldwork must complete and sign the Board’s Competency Checklist.
(e) In extenuating circumstances where the fieldwork participant is unable to obtain the signature of their clinical fieldwork supervisor, the Board may accept a Board SLPA Competency Checklist signed by another supervising speech-language pathologist who is licensed by the Board or holds the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence and is able to render a professional opinion of the applicant’s level of competence.
(f) Applicants who completed fieldwork in another state must provide documentation of at least 100 clinical interaction hours and The Board’s Competency Checklist which must be completed and signed by their supervising speech-language pathologist. The supervisor must have held the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence while supervising the applicant. The Board will review the fieldwork log and final assessment in accordance with its clinical interaction requirements and SLPA Competency Checklist. If the fieldwork is not deemed equivalent to Oregon standards, the applicant must obtain a provisional speech-language pathology assistant certificate to complete fieldwork requirements for certification in Oregon.
(3) Applicants whose academic instruction was not conducted in English may be required to submit scores from the following standardized tests to demonstrate English language proficiency:
(a) The internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with minimum scores of 100 overall, 26 in writing, and 26 in speaking; or
(b) The paper-based TOEFL and Test of Spoken English (TSE) with minimum scores of 600 overall; 5 on the essay; and 50 on the TSE; or
(c) The computer-based TOEFL and TSE with minimum scores of 250 overall; 5 on the essay; and 50 on the TSE.
(4) Applicants must demonstrate current professional competence as follows:
(a) Completion of clinical interaction as described in OAR 335-095-0030 (Certification of Speech-Language Pathology Assistants)(3) (2) within the 12 months prior to application; or
(b) Completion of 7.5 hours of professional development within the 12 months prior to application.
(c) Any hours completed in the current professional development period may also be counted towards meeting the professional development requirement for the next active license renewal.

Source: Rule 335-095-0030 — Certification of Speech-Language Pathology Assistants, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=335-095-0030.

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