OAR 335-095-0010

(1) Approved Training Program: A post secondary training program that has approval by the Oregon Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology to offer specific coursework and practica leading to licensure as a speech-language pathology assistant. One of the following degrees or certificates from a regionally-accredited program:
(a) Associate’s degree in speech-language pathology assisting or
(b) Bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders or
(c) Post baccalaureate certificate in communication sciences and disorders.
(2) Assessment: A qualitative and quantitative process, conducted by a licensed SLP speech-language pathologist (SLP), that measures the degree of communication impairment including, but not limited to, screening, norm and criterion referenced testing, behavioral observations, and clinical interview.
(3) Clinical Interaction: Interaction where the speech-language pathology assistant (SLPA), or clinical fieldwork participant (provisional speech-language pathology assistant certificate holder or practicum student) is actively participating in or leading a therapy session, or speech or hearing screenings.
(4) Supervision: A process in which two or more people participate in a joint effort to promote, establish, maintain and/or evaluate a level of performance. The speech-language pathologist is responsible for evaluation, monitoring of practice outcomes, and documentation to accomplish the goals and objectives.
(5) Direct Supervision: On-site, within sight and/or sound, or live videoconference observation and guidance by a speech-language pathologist while a speech-language pathology assistant performs a clinical interaction.
(6) Consultative Supervision: Those activities other than direct observation and guidance conducted by a speech-language pathologist that may include consultation, record file or chart review, and intervention planning, lesson planning, and review and evaluation of audio-or videotaped sessions. Indirect Consultative supervision may be done in person or via live telephone or electronic communication modes such as live video-conferencing but excluding e-mail, texting and other non-dynamic communication modes.
(7) Speech-Language Pathology Assistant: A person certified under ORS 681.360 (Certificate for speech-language pathology assistant) who provides speech-language pathology services within the scope of duties outlined in OAR 335-095-0060 (Scope of Duties for the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant) under the direction and supervision of a speech-language pathologist licensed under ORS 681.250 (Requirement for license in speech-language pathology or audiology).
(8) Medically fragile: Severe health condition and/or disability which requires ongoing monitoring and interpretation of signs, symptoms, and interventions.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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