OAR 340-011-0330
Public Records Access and Reproduction: Requests for Review or to Obtain Copies of Public Records


The right to review records includes the right to review the original record where practicable. It does not provide the right to the requestor to locate the record himself or to review the original record when it contains exempt material.


Request to review or copy public records should be made to, and will be handled by, the appropriate DEQ staff maintaining the records requested. For questions, contact DEQ’s general information number listed in the phone book and website at www.oregon.gov/deq.


Requests for DEQ records should be as specific as possible, including type of record, subject matter, approximate record date, and relevant names of parties. Whenever possible, the request should include the site location or county of the facility if known. If the request is unclear or overly burdensome, DEQ may request further clarification of the request. If DEQ cannot identify specific records responsive to a record request, DEQ may provide general files or distinct sections of records that are likely to contain the requested records.


Requests to either review or obtain copies of records may be made in writing, by telephone or in-person. DEQ may require a request to be made in writing if needed for clarification or specification of the record request.


Each DEQ office will establish daily hours during which the public may review DEQ’s records. The hours maintained in each office will be determined by staff and equipment available to accommodate record review and reproduction.


Pursuant to ORS 192.430(1) and this rule, each DEQ office shall designate and provide a supervised space, if available, for viewing records. This space will accommodate at least one reviewer at a time.


DEQ accommodates public records requests from persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


DEQ’s ability to accommodate in-person requests may be limited by staff and equipment availability. Additionally prior to making records available for public review, DEQ will ascertain whether the record requested is exempt from public disclosure under ORS chapter 192 and other applicable law.


Time to provide requested records: DEQ will respond to a record request as quickly as reasonable. This time frame will vary depending on the volume of records requested, staff availability to respond to the record request, the difficulty in determining whether any of the records are exempt from disclosure, and the necessity of consulting with legal counsel. If DEQ determines that it will require more than 30 days to respond to a record request, it will inform the requestor of the estimated time necessary to comply with the record request.

Source: Rule 340-011-0330 — Public Records Access and Reproduction: Requests for Review or to Obtain Copies of Public Records, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-011-0330.

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