OAR 345-024-0720
Qualified Organization


If the applicant elects to meet the applicable carbon dioxide emissions standard in whole or in part under OAR 345-024-0560 (Means of Compliance for Base Load Gas Plants)(3), 345-024-0600 (Means of Compliance for Non-Base Load Power Plants)(3) and (4), or 345-024-0630 (Means of Compliance for Nongenerating Energy Facilities)(2), (4) and (5), the applicant shall identify the qualified organization. The applicant may identify an organization that has applied for, but has not received, an exemption from federal income taxation, but the Council may not find that the organization is a qualified organization unless the organization is exempt from federal taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as amended and in effect on September 18, 2015.


If the Council finds there is no qualified organization, the certificate holder shall disburse the offset funds according to one or more contracts for implementation of offsets as determined by the following process:


The Council shall establish criteria for selection of offsets, based on the reduction of net carbon dioxide emissions and the criteria set forth in OAR 345-024-0550 (Standard for Base Load Gas Plants)(3) for base load plants, 345-024-0590 (Standard for Non-Base Load Power Plants)(3) for non-base load power plants and 345-024-0620 (Standard for Nongenerating Energy Facilities)(3) for nongenerating facilities. The Council may consider the costs of particular types of offsets in relation to the expected benefits of such offsets. In establishing criteria, the Council shall not require the certificate holder to select particular offsets and shall allow the certificate holder a reasonable range of choices in selecting offsets.


Based on the criteria established by the Council, the certificate holder shall select one or more offsets. The certificate holder shall give written notice of its selections to the Council and to any person requesting notice. For the purposes of this rule, the date of notice is the date the certificate holder places the notice in the United States mail, with first-class postage prepaid.


On petition by the Department of Energy or by any person adversely affected or aggrieved by the certificate holder’s selection of offsets, or on the Council’s own motion, the Council may review the selection. The petition must be received by the Council within 30 days of the date of notice.


The Council shall approve the certificate holder’s selection unless it finds that the selection is not consistent with criteria established under subsection (a).


The certificate holder shall execute one or more contracts to implement the selected offsets within 18 months after commencing construction of the facility unless the Council allows additional time based on a showing of good cause by the certificate holder. If a certificate holder would have made a payment to a qualified organization as described in OAR 345-024-0600 (Means of Compliance for Non-Base Load Power Plants)(4) or 345-024-0630 (Means of Compliance for Nongenerating Energy Facilities)(4) or (5), the certificate holder shall instead execute one or more contracts to implement the selected offsets, by a method acceptable to the Council, within 18 months after reporting to the Council as described in 345-024-0590 (Standard for Non-Base Load Power Plants)(5) or within 18 months after the Department notifies the certificate holder that the certificate holder must replenish the offset credit account as described in 345-024-0630 (Means of Compliance for Nongenerating Energy Facilities)(4). The certificate holder shall, under such contracts, obligate the expenditure of at least 85 percent of the offset funds for the implementation of offsets. The certificate holder may spend no more than 15 percent of the offset funds on monitoring, evaluation and enforcement of such contracts.


The certificate holder’s financial liability for implementation, monitoring, evaluation and enforcement of offsets under this subsection (2) is limited to the amount of any offset funds not already contractually obligated. The Council shall not base a revocation of the site certificate or any other enforcement action with respect to the certificate holder on any nonperformance, negligence or misconduct by the entity or entities implementing, monitoring or evaluating the selected offsets.


Every qualified organization that has received funds under this rule shall, at five-year intervals beginning on the date of receipt of such funds, provide the Council with the information the Council requests about the qualified organization’s performance. The Council shall evaluate the information requested and, based on such information, shall make recommendations to the Legislative Assembly that the Council deems appropriate.

Source: Rule 345-024-0720 — Qualified Organization, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=345-024-0720.

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