Oregon Department of Energy, Energy Facility Siting Council

Rule Rule 345-029-0530
Classification of Violations Involving the Transport or Disposal of Radioactive Materials or Wastes

Violations involving the transport or disposal of radioactive materials or wastes are classified as follows:


Class I Violations include:


Any violation of ORS 469.525 (Radioactive waste disposal facilities prohibited) or OAR chapter 345, division 050;


A failure to obtain an Oregon Radioactive Waste Material Transport Permit as required by ORS 469.605 (Permit to transport required) or OAR 345-060-0004 (Permits);


A failure to immediately report an incident as required by OAR 345-060-0030 (Reporting and Emergency Response);


A failure to comply with an order of the Director or Council;


Class II Violations include:


A failure to route shipments of spent nuclear fuel or placarded shipments of radioactive materials as required by ORS 469.606 (Determination of best and safest route) or OAR 345-060-0040 (Highway Routes);


Any violation of OAR 345-060 or an Oregon Radioactive Materials Transport Permit not otherwise described in this rule; and


Class III violations include:


A failure to give notice for inspection or schedule change as required by OAR 345-060-0005 (Notification for Inspection);


A failure to maintain packaging, placarding, labeling, or shipment documentation as required by OAR 345-060-0025 (Packaging, Placarding, Labeling and Documentation).

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Jun. 8, 2021