OAR 345-029-0020
Notice of Violation


The Department has discretion to issue a notice of violation, except that the Council may instruct the Department to issue a notice of violation. Factors the Council or Department must consider in deciding whether conditions or circumstances warrant issuing a notice of violation are:


Did the responsible party report the conditions or circumstances in a timely manner?


Are the conditions or circumstances limited to the possible violation of a reporting requirement?


Are the conditions or circumstances the result of ambiguous language in the requirement in question?


Are the conditions or circumstances the result of a change to the design, construction, operation or retirement of a facility for which a site certificate has been issued, and did the certificate holder decide that no amendment of the site certificate was required, based on a reasonable analysis of the criteria in OAR 345-027-0350 (Changes Requiring an Amendment)(2)?


Has the violation in question been cited by any other state agency having jurisdiction?


Are the conditions or circumstances within the control of the responsible party?


If the Department determines upon inspection as provided for in OAR 345-026-0050 (Inspections), upon receipt of a report from the responsible party under OAR 345-029-0010 (Report by a Responsible Party), or by other means that there has been a violation for which sanctions may be imposed as described in OAR 345-029-0003 (Applicability of OAR 345-029-0005 through 345-029-0100), the Department may serve a notice of violation upon the responsible party. The Department must serve the notice of violation by personal service or by first class, certified or registered mail.


In the notice of violation, the Department must include:


A reference to the statute, administrative rule, order, or site certificate term or condition violated as determined by the Department;


A statement of the facts upon which the Department based its determination that a violation occurred, including the date of discovery;


A requirement for the responsible party to provide a written response to the notice of violation within 30 days or other specified time;


A statement of the responsible party’s right to a hearing as provided for in OAR 345-029-0070 (Contested Case Proceeding) if the Department later issues a notice of assessment of civil penalty as described under OAR 345-029-0060 (Civil Penalties); and


The Department’s classification of the violation, including a statement of the consideration given to the following factors:


The performance of the responsible party in taking necessary or appropriate action to correct or prevent the violation;


Any similar or related violations by the certificate holder in the previous 36 months;


Any adverse impact of the violation on public health and safety; and


For a violation of the terms or conditions of a site certificate, any adverse impact of the violation on resources protected by Council standards or site certificate conditions.

Source: Rule 345-029-0020 — Notice of Violation, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=345-029-0020.

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