OAR 345-029-0100
Revocation or Suspension of Site Certificate

The Council may revoke or suspend any site certificate after conducting a contested case proceeding on the revocation or suspension under the provisions of OAR 345-015-0012 (Filing and Service of Documents in a Contested Case) through 0085. A majority vote of the Council or a request from the Department initiates a contested case proceeding on a revocation or suspension. The Council may base revocation or suspension on any of the following grounds:


The certificate holder made a material false statement in an application for a site certificate or in supplemental or additional statements of fact or studies required of an applicant when a true answer would have warranted denial of a site certificate by the Council;


The certificate holder failed to comply with a term or condition of the site certificate;


The certificate holder violated a Department order as described in OAR 345-027-0230 (Review of a Request for Approval);


The certificate holder violated any provision of ORS 469.300 (Definitions) to 469.570, 469.590 (Definitions for ORS 469.590 to 469.595) to 469.621, 469.930 (Northwest Interstate Compact on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management) and 469.992 (Civil penalties), any administrative rule adopted under those statutes, including but not limited to rules contained in OAR chapter 345, or any order of the Council; or


For a site certificate subject to ORS 469.410 (Energy facility site certificate applications filed or under construction prior to July 2, 1975), having been executed prior to July 2, 1975, the certificate holder violated any the provision of ORS 469.300 (Definitions) to 469.520 (Cooperation of state governmental bodies) or failed to comply with applicable health or safety standards.

Source: Rule 345-029-0100 — Revocation or Suspension of Site Certificate, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=345-029-0100.

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