OAR 410-142-0200
Interdisciplinary Group

The hospice must designate an interdisciplinary group or groups composed of individuals who provide or supervise the care and services offered by the hospice:


Composition of group. The hospice must have an interdisciplinary group or groups composed of or including at least the following individuals who are employees of the hospice, or, in the case of a doctor, be under contract with the hospice:


A doctor of medicine or osteopathy;


A registered nurse;


A social worker;


A pastoral or other counselor.


Role of interdisciplinary group. Members of the group interact on a regular basis and have a working knowledge of the assessment and care of the patient/family unit by each member of the group. The interdisciplinary group is responsible for:


Participation in the establishment of the plan of care;


Provision or supervision of hospice care and services;


Periodic review and updating of the plan of care for each individual receiving hospice care; and


Establishment of policies governing the day-to-day provision of hospice care and services.


If a hospice has more than one interdisciplinary group, it must document in advance the group it chooses to execute the functions described in section (2) of this rule;


Coordinator. The hospice must designate a registered nurse to coordinate the implementation of the plan of care for each patient.

Source: Rule 410-142-0200 — Interdisciplinary Group, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=410-142-0200.

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