OAR 411-002-0140
Type B1 Area Agency on Aging Applicant Requirements


It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit sufficient information and supporting documentation to allow the Division to make a decision on a type B1 designation.


A Type B1 Area Agency on Aging applicant shall meet the requirements of OAR 411-002-0120 (Area Agency on Aging Applicant Requirements) and the following additional requirements: Mandatory Functions — An applicant must submit information that specifically addresses the mandatory functions required of a Type B1 Area Agency on Aging. These functions are outlined as follows:


Staffing Functions — A Type B1 area agency on aging must have an adequate number of qualified staff, including case management capability, to operate the Medicaid program for the elderly. Staffing patterns must be clearly identified for personnel who are assigned Medicaid program responsibility. Staffing must adhere to standards established by the Division.


Planning Functions — Type B1 Area Agencies on Aging are required to provide a plan describing how the agency intends to:


Administer the Medicaid programs for the elderly in the PSA and how the Medicaid programs will be integrated into the overall service delivery system; and


Assure that elderly Medicaid recipients in the area have reasonable access to information and services; and


Include any necessary interagency agreements that affect the operation of the B1 Area Agency on Aging. The Type B1 Area Agency on Aging will coordinate with the local Disability Services Office(s) in its area to insure services that affect both the elderly and disabled occur in a timely and effective manner.


Basic Service Delivery Requirements — B1 area agencies on aging are required to meet basic Medicaid service delivery requirements as required by the Division.


Management Control Functions — B1 area agencies on aging must establish policies and procedures to accomplish Medicaid program goals as required by the Division.

Source: Rule 411-002-0140 — Type B1 Area Agency on Aging Applicant Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-002-0140.

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