OAR 411-002-0160
Changing from a Type A or Type B1 AAA to a Type B2 AAA


Type A or Type B1 Area Agencies on Aging may request to change their model of service delivery to a Type B2 Area Agency on Aging. The process for requesting the change is as follows:


The AAA notifies the Division in writing of its interest in changing to a Type B2 AAA.


The Division will inform the Governor’s Commission on Senior Services, the Oregon Disabilities Commission and the local Disability Services Advisory Council and Senior Advisory Council and provide opportunity for local input.


The AAA will provide notice to affected populations and constituencies at the local level of its intent to pursue a Type B2 model of service delivery.


The AAA will involve affected stakeholders in the development of a process that includes identifying any issues of concern, a process to address these concerns, and the development of a service delivery plan.


The AAA will hold public hearings within the local area during the planning process to receive comments and recommendations on the issues of concern and the service plan.


The Senior Advisory Council and Disability Services Advisory Council will certify in writing that they have been involved in developing the plan.


Once the plan has been approved by the Division, the operating level (office, division, or department of local jurisdiction) of the AAA will amend its name to reflect the inclusion of services to people with disabilities.


If the request for a change to an Area Agency on Aging designation is denied by the Division, the Area Agency on Aging may appeal the decision by following the procedures outlined in OAR 411-002-0110 (Designation of Area Agencies on Aging)(7).

Source: Rule 411-002-0160 — Changing from a Type A or Type B1 AAA to a Type B2 AAA, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-002-0160.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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