OAR 411-002-0150
Designation and Requirements of Type B2 Area Agencies on Aging

A Type B2 Area Agency on Aging must meet the requirements of OAR 411-002-0110 (Designation of Area Agencies on Aging), 411-002-0120 (Area Agency on Aging Applicant Requirements), 411-002-0130 (Designation of a Type B1 Area Agency on Aging) and the following additional requirements: Mandatory Functions — All information submitted by the applicant must specifically address mandatory functions required of a B2 Area Agency on Aging. These functions are outlined as follows:


Staffing Functions — B2 Area Agencies on Aging must have an adequate number of qualified staff, including case management, to operate the program for disabled Medicaid recipients.


Planning Functions — B2 Area Agencies on Aging are required to develop and administer an Area Plan for a comprehensive and coordinated service delivery system in the Planning and Service Area. The applicant shall submit the following documentation:


A plan describing how the new agency intends to:


Assure the kinds and levels of services needed by disabled Medicaid recipients in the area, and how these findings will be integrated into the planning process; and


Assure that disabled Medicaid recipients in the area have reasonable access to information and services; and


Include any necessary interagency agreements that affect the operation of the Area Agency on Aging.


Disability Services Advisory Council Functions — A disability Services Advisory Council will be established to provide a way of obtaining formal opinions and recommendations from the disabled population in the area. Toward ensuring that this step will be taken, the applicant shall prepare preliminary materials on the following:


Intended composition of the Advisory Council and time table for making the initial appointments;


Frequency of Advisory Council meetings;


Expectations for staff support to the Advisory Council;


Copy of the bylaws of the Disability Services Advisory Council specifying roles and functions of the Council.


Basic Delivery Requirements — B2 Area Agencies on Aging are required to meet basic service delivery requirements as required by the Division.

Source: Rule 411-002-0150 — Designation and Requirements of Type B2 Area Agencies on Aging, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-002-0150.

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