OAR 411-020-0130
APS Risk Management


APS risk management is the process by which APS provides short-term active assessment and intervention to an alleged victim.


Referral to APS risk management is appropriate:


After the abuse and self-neglect investigation is completed.


When the alleged victim would benefit from protective services, but the situation does not meet criteria for an investigation and all of the following apply:


Assessment indicates the alleged victim is at risk of serious harm.


The alleged victim is eligible for Adult Protective Services under OAR 411-020-0015 (Eligibility Criteria).


Continued protective services may reduce the risk of harm.


There is no other source of case management or protective services available to the alleged victim.


When otherwise directed by APD or AAA executive management to respond to reported serious harm of a vulnerable adult.


APS risk management includes:


The development and implementation of an individualized plan to reduce the risk of harm to the alleged victim;


Regular active contact with the alleged victim to reassess the risk of harm and the effectiveness of interventions; and


Documentation of assessments and interventions.


APS risk management continues until assessment demonstrates that:


The level of harm has been reduced to an acceptable level; or


APS involvement no longer benefits the alleged victim.


Approval by a supervisor or designee must be required to continue an APS risk management case beyond one year.

Source: Rule 411-020-0130 — APS Risk Management, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-020-0130.

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