Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging and People with Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities

Rule Rule 411-058-0020

(a) Application for registration must be made to the Department on forms prescribed by the Department. The application must include:
(A) The registration fee as described in section (2) of this rule;
(B) The disclosure statement as described in OAR 411-058-0030 (Disclosure Statement);
(C) General Liability Insurance requirements, as described in OAR 411-058-0060 (Special Provisions); and
(D) Background Check Requirements, as described in OAR 411-058-0080 (Background Check Requirements).
(b) The application is not considered to be complete until the Department receives all required information and the registration fee.
(c) The application for registration must be signed by the individual responsible for the registration.
(d) Registration must be renewed with the Department every two years.
(a) The initial application for registration must be accompanied by a fee of $750.
(b) After the initial registration, the subsequent renewal fee shall be $500.
(a) The Department shall issue a certificate of registration once the applicant has:
(A) Submitted a completed application, disclosure statement, proof of general liability insurance requirements, proof of background check requirements, and other required information; and
(B) Met all other requirements as described in Oregon Laws Chapter 656 (2017) and these rules.
(b) The certificate of registration shall identify the person as a referral agent and include the:
(A) Name and address of the person;
(B) Effective date of the registration; and
(C) Following statement in a prominent location and typeface: “A certificate of registration does not constitute recommendation or endorsement of the referral agent by the Department of Human Services, and this registration does not evidence the accuracy or completeness of the information set forth in the disclosure statement.”
(c) The person must use a copy of the certificate of registration as the cover page for the disclosure statement as described in OAR 411-058-0030 (Disclosure Statement).

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