Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging and People with Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities

Rule Rule 411-058-0060
Special Provisions

(1) If a referral agent maintains a website, the website must contain a link to any state agency website listing complaints concerning facilities.
(2) If the referral agent does not maintain a website, the referral agent shall notify clients in writing of state agency website addresses listing complaints concerning facilities.
(3) If a client is referred to a facility and the referral agent has received compensation from the facility for the referral, the client may notify the referral agent in writing that the client wishes to use the services of another referral agent in the future for referral to another facility in a subsequent move. After receiving this notice in writing, the first referral agent may not receive compensation from another facility in a subsequent move for any referral made before receiving the notice.
(4) A referral agent must include in any contract with a facility provisions prohibiting the referral agent from collecting compensation from a facility when the facility is a subsequent facility. A facility is a subsequent facility when:
(a) The subject of placement enters a facility to which the subject of placement is referred by a first referral agent, but subsequently leaves that facility; and
(b) A new referral agent refers the subject of placement to a subsequent facility.
(5) When a referral is made to a subsequent facility for a subject of placements by a new referral agent as described in section (4) of this rule, the new referral agent must present evidence to the subsequent facility that the first agent is not entitled to compensation.
(6) This section applies only to contracts entered into between a referral agent and a facility or between a referral agent and a client on or after July 1, 2018.

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